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Polaroid - The fantasy develops instantly

Using my polaroid camera for documenting the human alterations of the Cycladic landscape by photographing details and moments of my daily life, an idea struck me; How would myself as a child recreate those polaroids using my imagination. Every day we collect objects the same way we collect images, with a sole purpose of making memories, not to let things sink into oblivion, and by doing so we perform a form of a ritual. Sometimes gathering objects up at the place, you make a photograph makes the experience even stronger. Scouting a location, walking or driving deliberately just to make a photograph you establish a connection, a bond, with the place you grew up with, making it more personal, more intimate. That intimacy is the link between my past and present self. The playfulness of the toy polaroid camera with the vivid imagination and carefulness of a child willing to experiment and play give to the landscape a completely surreal yet personal character. All of those photographs are about childhood memories and were made bearing in mind that they will be reconstructed with objects found (and edited at home) on the same location recreating an imaginary world.


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